MULTIVERSE presents a series of ephemeral and surreal landscapes exploring the legacy of WW2.

Landscapes appear almost surreal with bubbles rising up through the air like the lost souls of the dead surrounding the remains of; anti tank bollards in ghostly forests; ship wrecks; burnt out submarines; and bombed out buildings.

Using the metaphor of the bubble, as seen in the Dutch ‘Vanitas’ or ‘Memento Mori’ paintings, the images allude to our own mortality and the fragility and brevity of life, and warns against of the vanity of our existence and the transient nature of all earthly pursuits.  

MULTIVERSE follows on from IRON HARVEST, and will similarly film the detonation live ammunition left from previous wars. This time MULTIVERSE will film WW2 naval mines left in the sea around the coast of Britain and France.

MULTIVERSE will be a mixed media exhibition, and will include; photographs; sculptures made from WW2 ammunition moulds and anti tank bollards; and a film showing live WW2 naval mines being detonated.