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In this new photographic series entitled, Vanitas, traditional analogue film techniques are used to capture the early morning light at the junction where natures beauty and mystery meets man’s own intervention.

Loosely inspired by the Dutch early 17th century still-life paintings that feature objects symbolic of the inevitability of death and earthly transience, this series has transposed this idea to semi industrial landscapes.

The photographs have a filmic quality and focus on sites, which are on the edge of rural areas and often seem as if they been ‘invaded’ by industrial plants.

These industrial sites are rendered as beautiful, evocative landscapes. The artificial light from the industrial plants, glow in the twilight and animal remains are lit as if in a painting.

The idea that these images stand between two worlds, is further enhanced by the fact that all shots all shots are taken around sunset or sunrise emphasising the other worldliness of the stills.