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Dark Water is a hugely inventive experience and has elements of opera, pop video combining into a powerful and arresting narrative. The project is led by film-maker Oscar van Heek and composer Malcolm Lindsay, in collaboration with PJ Moore from The Blue Nile and Scottish Opera.

The score has been recorded using the entire Scottish Opera’s Orchestra combining to give an impressive and immersive audio-visual experience.


The team wanted to create something truly original and have looked further afield to the exciting ‘demoscene’ for inspiration.

The ‘demoscene’, a semi underground movement where programmers and artist create computer generated music clips, seemed the perfect fit for this collaboration.  Subsequently Oscar teamed up with Matt Swodoba, a leading light from the demoscene. The special effects created for the project complete the arresting narrative of a young girl loosing her sight.

To watch the full film and for more information contact : [email protected]