Selected for RSA Annual Exhibition 2021

In this new photographic series, traditional analogue film techniques are used to capture the early morning light at the junction where natures beauty and mystery meets man’s own intervention

Vanitas is a series of industrial landscapes loosely inspired the Dutch 17th Century Vanitas paintings, which are full of symbolism alluding to our transience and fragility. With this series, I’ve taken that still life idea and transposed it into a semi industrial landscapes

Artificial lights from the power plants, glow in the twilight and animal remains in the foreground are lit as if in a painting or a set exploring man’s impact on the environment.


These industrial sites are rendered as beautiful, evocative landscapes. There is a however an ominous quality and sense of invasion here, with industrial sites almost appearing like alien objects taking over the natural world.

The images stand between two worlds; the natural and the industrial. Shot at dusk or dawn, the barrier between night and day, further enhances this idea of two worlds.